August 22, 2017

Why isn’t Your Focus the same as Jordan Spieth’s?

Why isn’t Your Focus the same as Jordan Spieth’s?

Why do you play golf? You have been doing this for quite a while now and you clearly have a passion and want to improve, but why?

Jordan Spieth once said; “I’ve told myself I have a chance to make history, and that’s my focus.”

The truth is that every single junior golfer out there, including yourself, has the potential to make history one way or another. What happens often is that a lack of self-belief and fear of succeeding takes over you and the majority of junior golfers out there. Then, the few who really focused on making history, like Jordan, are the ones appearing on T.V.

Don’t you think that Jordan lost to many other junior golfers a few years ago? What happened to them? Why aren’t they winning majors at 22 years of age? Well the answer is not only in Jordan’s quote, but in the fact that he meant it and takes it seriously to this very day.

So what’s the take on this?

Whatever your goal may be, anywhere from playing on the PGA Tour to becoming a respected Teaching Professional or putting yourself through college with a golf scholarship, you must be clear on its path and purpose.

There is nothing stoping you from achieving your dream, as a matter of fact you have everything going for you; you are a young, healthy and active individual who has a dream. The only requisite to get there is to want it bad enough!

By: World Junior Golf



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