August 22, 2017

What is the Cost of Playing Junior Golf?

What is the Cost of Playing Junior Golf?

Looking for a productive activity or hobby your children can take early on is a must nowadays. This is because your kids are surrounded by a hectic lifestyle with all the pressure to succeed at school, social life and any family stress that might interfere as well. The benefits a recreational sport like golf brings to the table are countless and with proper guidance it will enrich you relationship with your kids as well.

A sticky subject for you parents can be the financial aspect of getting your kids involved in any sport or hobby. Many sources out there claim that junior sports are a very expensive area to step into, this can be true if your kid specializes in a sport from a very early age which is proven that can be detrimental for your kids development in some cases.

Here are some guidelines on how to keep a healthy budget for your kids’ golf cravings:

  1. Car-pool: Once your little one gets comfortable with his golf buddies you can speak with the golf pro to get a hold of the rest of the parents to organize a carpool. This way you will save money on gas and your little ones will get to communicate with other gown ups and work on their social skills.
  2. Avoid Specialization: If your kid is under 12-years old then you might want to avoid sacrificing your time to get in a few extra hours of work to spend more resources into turning your child into a miniature version of Rickie Fowler or Jordan Spieth. The main thing about junior golf at early ages is to aid with their cognitive and motor development along with creating a joyful experience for your kids!
  3. Ask for Help! If you can’t afford to have your toddler in lessons then you can speak to the local golf pro for some advice on how to instruct your child. You can ask him or her if they have any used junior equipment you can borrow or buy as well. If your kid really fall in love with the sport you can save up some money for lessons while you do this!

The reality is that you need some amount of resources to involve your kid in some kind of organized junior golf clinic or activity however if you spend your money in a smart way you will enjoy of a healthier relationship with your toddlers as well as watching them grow in an active and productive environment!

By: World Junior Golf

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