August 22, 2017

Top 50 Master Kids Teachers in World Junior Golf!

Top 50 Master Kids Teachers in World Junior Golf!

If you are a parent, a player or a coach, then you have probably already heard of US Kids Golf. If you haven’t, we highly recommend you to start following everything they do!

U.S. Kids Golf it is the leading foundation of junior golf in the world, offering anything from high quality equipment, accessories, tournament play, to education, seminars and instruction. Making the game of golf grow even bigger than it is right now!

Talking about coaches, every year US Kids provides and rewards coaches with this 3 great projects and events:

  1. U.S. Kids Golf Certified Coaches are experts in teaching golf to kids ages 12 and under. Certified Coaches make learning fun by using game-based teaching methods and playing from scaled yardages on the golf course. (950+ coaches!) You can check for Certified Coach Seminars here.
  2. U.S. Kids Golf Top 50 Kids Teachers are nationally recognized as elite professionals who have dedicated their careers to helping kids develop a love for the game of golf. These teachers have built the country’s leading programs by creating a fun learning environment, establishing positive relationships with parents, and devoting their careers to growing the game. Learn more about them in here.
  3. U.S. Top 50 Master Kids Teachers have won the Top 50 Kids Teacher Award at least three times and are honored for their ongoing efforts in growing junior golf.

Being named a Master Kids Teacher is the highest honor an instructor can receive from U.S. Kids Golf. Click here to view the 125 teachers who have received this honor, 21 of whom joined the ranks in 2015.

Here in WorldJuniorGolf we are proud to say that it is our mission to provide the whole golf team (children, teenagers, parents, caddies and coaches), with the BEST tools, contacts and information on junior golf.

This is why we congratulate several of our Advisory Board members for being nominated Top 50 Master Kids Teachers.

  • Doug Lawrie: 2016 Top 50 Master Kids Teacher
    • Member for 25 years of the Canadian PGA, Doug owns a great desire to help others, build strong relationships and see others succeed at their goals.
    • He also started the Focus Golf Group Academy, which provides top-level instructional programs while using the latest technology helping you find the road map to success.
  • Kate Tempesta: Top 50 Master Kids Teacher
    • Founder, partner and president of Fun, is a member of the LPGA T&CP and the Director of the Junior Golf Program at Montauk Downs.
    • As the leading junior golf professional in New York City, Kate’s groundbreaking curriculum, combines golf basics with activities that extend and enrich learning in an environment that is both fun and challenging for children of all ages. Check out Kate Tempesta’s Urban Golf Academy for more!
  • Rudy Gonzalez: 2016 Top 50 Master Kids Teacher
    • Rudy is the Director of Instruction of the Laredo Country Club Golf Performance Center and the Head Men’s & Women’s Golf Coach at Texas A&M International University in Laredo, Texas.
    • Over 18 years experience in the golf industry as a golf professional and instructor at various facilities in South Texas where he developed a deep passion for coaching and mentoring kids of all ages.
    • Rudy Gonzalez Golf Instruction
  • Justin Blazer Top 50 Master Kids Teacher
    • Justin’s true passion lies in working with juniors and the growth of junior golf. As Director of Instruction at the Duran Academy of Golf, Justin has established a breadth of junior programs for newcomers and competitive players
    • Many of his young students have had tremendous success and currently compete at an elite level such as the U.S. Kids World Championships and over 100+ wins at the local and regional level
  • And our president: Alejandro Duque 2016 Top 50 Master Kids Teacher
    • Alejandro started playing golf at very early age, turned Professional when he was 20 years old and played several mini tours for a couple of years. Graduated with honors from the Golf Academy of America in 2001 and decided to go back to his home country Costa Rica and start his own Golf business. In 2012, he got involved with the Costa Rican Golf Federation as National Junior Golf Director.
    • Founder and owner of the Alejandro Duque Golf Academy located in Costa Rica, where he has given over 20,000 lessons and has over 140 wins from students!

Our sincerest congratulations from WorldJuniorGolf for all of your great effort, and to our president Alejandro Duque, for building such a great team committed to help every family, junior coach, and junior golfer that wishes to thrive in these amazing sport.

Be sure to keep visiting our page where you can find daily publications about everything you and your children need to succeed in the golf world!

By: World Junior Golf

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