September 21, 2017

Tips to Getting out of Tough Situations

Tips to Getting out of Tough Situations

Not many golfers can go an entire round without getting into some sort of trouble or into a tough situation. If you can prepare yourself for these situations, you can most likely avoid making the really big numbers and also face your fear of tough situation you are in.

The situations that seem to throw golfers into a frenzy would be something like, having to 2-putt to win a match or beat your best score. Trying to get the ball out of a deep bunker or hitting it over water or other trouble.

To be sure you are comfortable over any putt, make sure you take a few practice strokes to help give you feel. Distance control is key in these situations and helps take the pressure off. Try to relax over the ball by feeling loose and free in your upper body. Stand a bit taller at address and focus on hitting the ball in the center of your putter face rather than your stroke. This will help you strike the ball more pure, and lead to tap-ins or shorter second putts.

We tend to walk into a difficult bunker shot already defeated in our own minds. Try not to do this. Reduce the tension on the grip and relax your arms and shoulders. Open the club face up, dig your feet in, look at a spot a few inches behind the ball and make a full back swing and follow through, keeping your lower body quiet and stable.

An obstacle between a golfer and their target can really mess with our heads and confidence. A water hazard, deep rough, ravine, or large bunker to hit over can really mess up what would normally be a very straight forward shot. The best way to go about this is to try and visualize the shot with no hazard. Close your eyes and see the green ahead, and nothing in front of it except fairway. Make sure you get a few different yardages as well so that you know exactly how far you need to hit it to get over the hazard and how far it is to the center of the green.

With these tips, you should be able to get in these situations and have the confidence you need that you will make the two putt, get up and down from the bunker, and easily clear whatever obstacle is between you and your target!

By: World Junior Golf




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