August 22, 2017

This is why your Kids are Amazing!

This is why your Kids are Amazing!

Being a golfer requires the fulfillment of a whole list of criteria that it is surprising the amount of discipline your kids put into the sport! If you are not a golfer yourself here are some of the amazing things your children do for this game:

  1. Practice: Your little ones are willing to practice for hours at a time a few times a week this one activity they enjoy just for the sake of improving at it, isn’t that amazing! Golf is teaching them to work hard in order to reach their goals while having fun; it is priceless…
  2. Take orders: They listen and trust their coach just as if they were a family member. In good times and bad times they listen and put in practice what their coach has to offer, this teaches them that having faith on someone is a positive action that will bring them rewards as well!
  3. Follow rules: Your kids have to meet with several guidelines just to play this sport. These range from having the proper attire and vocabulary on the golf course, to wait for their turn to hit their shot and shake hands with their closest most dangerous competitor; these are just to name a few! Your child does this just for the love and passion they have for this game!

Whether your kids are winning or not, you can be sure that they will grow up to have a very respectable and trustworthy character that will open many doors in the future! They will not only learn how to carry themselves but also will develop their social skills and develop complex enough motor skills to drive a ball several hundred yards with amazingly accurate precision!

So parents, please if you are being tormented by your thoughts on your child’s golf game you can quiet them down by being sure that just for the fact that they play this sport, they are and will continue to be amazing individuals!

By: World Junior Golf

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