September 21, 2017

The Three Keys to Great Putting by Paul Kaster, World Junior Golf Advisory Board

The Three Keys to Great Putting by Paul Kaster, World Junior Golf Advisory Board

There are basically three keys to being a good putter: 1) starting the ball on line; 2) good distance control, and 3) reading greens.  When you are good at all three, putts drop and your confidence soars.

Starting the ball on line has to do both with how reliable your stroke is and your aim. We usually build compensations into our stroke because of poor aim. This simple gate drill can really help.  It’s made even better by using a SeeMore putter that tells you when your putter face is square.

world junior golf putting advice 1

Matching your speed to the break you read is the next step.  Tempo and the length of your stroke dictate speed control. Work on keeping that tempo consistent regardless of the length of putt, and your lag putting will really improve.  You’ll also start to see more long putts drop.

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Finally, there is no better way to read greens than with AimPoint Express®. I’ve tried plumb bobbing and other methods, but AimPoint truly changed my game, which is why I am a certified instructor now.  Your eyes get tricked standing over a putt – golf course designers are trained in optical illusion. Using your feet to feel the slope in greens is much simpler, faster and more reliable. AimPoint allows you to take the information you get from your feet and get a very accurate, fast read.  For more information about AimPoint Express and SeeMore Putters, please visit and Until next time, enjoy the project of improving your game.

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