September 21, 2017

The Perfect Window

The Perfect Window

As a parent, you want what’s better for your kids right? You want them to grow up to be honest, healthy and successful contributors of society. You already know the inherent values and advantages that golf brings to your child’s moral development; the beauty about following the rules, having amazing sportsmanship traditions and the work ethic instilled in the ones in love with this sport.

What if there was a way to double the life-lessons and educational value of your kids golfing experience? Well there is.

If you play your cards right, building a team around kids junior golf experience will give you countless opportunities to pass on lesson after lesson without coming on too overbearing. The key is to build this team and behave as such! It is crucial for every member of the team to do meet their responsibilities and at the same time let the others do their job as well. You must know that as a parent it can be tough to step of the sidelines and let the coach handle all the technical and game related issues, but if you are able to find the right coach and be disciplined enough to not interfere in the golf-teaching process, great things will happen.

Once the coach is the only teaching and coaching influence in your child’s game, every tough round gives you the perfect window to teach them about perseverance, every victory gives you the perfect window to teach them about humility and every time they make a new friend, the perfect window to strengthen that new trustworthy and empathic relationship arises.

When you set your competitive emotions aside, you will have infinite amount of opportunities to reinforce your parenting philosophy and more importantly your relationship with your child!

By: World Junior Golf

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