August 22, 2017

The Importance of Physicality in Juniors

The Importance of Physicality in Juniors

Training and practicing isn’t like what it used to be. Now young kids have coaches, and spend all of their free time trying to improve. Now, not only is working on your game the most important aspect, but physical training is now thrown in there as well. A lot of research has shown that golf specific training can really be a big benefit to the average golfer and propel them to the next level.

Kids should start training physically between the ages of 12-14 and their parents should find them a professional who can give them not only a golf specific training program, but a golf specific training program tailored to their needs. This is where I would suggest finding someone who is TPI certified.

This is a good age for them to start training physically because they should be through their initial growth spurt and the impact that this training will have will stick better with them at this age as opposed to starting training at a younger age.

If you are trying to make it to the next level, working on your physical fitness should be ranked up there in importance with range work, short game, and your mental game.

If you can incorporate golf specific work out and exercises 3-4 times a week, there will be huge improvements. Focus mainly on your flexibility at first, and strength training should come after that.

Make sure you are warming up before you practice or play a round of golf. Your warm-up should be 10-15 minutes long, include active/dynamic stretching, and should get your heart rate up just a little bit.

By: World Junior Golf


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