August 22, 2017

The Appropriate Starting Age for Golf

The Appropriate Starting Age for Golf


Do you love golf? Do you love your kids? Not so sure what to do about this? Sometimes the passion you feel for the game may want to encourage you to introduce this marvelous game to your little ones, even if they are still, very little.

There is no right starting age for golf, every golf fan has seen that famous Tiger Woods video appearing only with 2 years of age at the Mike Douglas Show; it is obvious that only at age 2 he already had his fair share of golf lessons from his father. Golf is a sport that every age group can enjoy, but as a parent, it can be hard to know what is the right way to get the future prodigy started.

Here are a few tips of how your little ones can start working on their golf game:

  1. Toddlers set: You can get a toddler’s golf set and a dozen of foam golf balls online or in almost any sporting goods store, with this you have already done half of the work, now he/or she can play around in the house and you can even build them their own miniature toddler golf course.
  2. Take them to the range: You can let them watch you hit golf balls and take their toddler set with them. Keep in mind that you may not be able to practice as well as always but the purpose is to entertain and educate your little ones.
  3. Target games: Even if it is not golf, you can play target games together that way they will be more familiar to that concept once they understand all about golf.
  4. SNAG Golf: Starting New At Golf (SNAG) is a concept which enables your kids to learn golf the fun way with special clubs, balls and targets. They will love the colorful sets and you will be amazed on how easy they will start catching up with you. You can learn more about Snag golf at
  5. Do not try too hard: Let them explore and be curious about any golf-related activities you do together. Pushing them too much will drive them away of golf in the future. The objective is to make it a healthy, enjoyable activity.

By:  World Junior Golf


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    The best piece of writing I have ever read about which is the correct age to introduce my children to golf. Hands down


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