September 21, 2017

Teenage Motivation

Teenage Motivation

More often,  parents are worrying more about their children and their goals; sometimes they even forget to pay attention to their needs and objectives in life!

There’s nothing wrong with it! Dedicating your time to your kids is good and well spent,  but as they grow older and start behaving a bit more independently, they might confuse your caring intentions with an overbearing behavior. They will want to start learning by experience and observation rather than listening to every advice that you have for them, even if you have the best intentions behind them.

So what can you do to motivate your kids then?

Because they have a more developed sense of other people’s intentions and their surroundings when they grow older, they will look at your behavior as an example. This is the perfect opportunity to work on your personal project, whichever this may be; it will show your whole family how committed and determined you can be as well!

This will not only boost your children’s golf and personal performance and motivation, but it will strengthen the positive feelings your family has circling around the house, resulting in a more pleasant and happier environment to live in.

If you manage to show interest, be passionate, remain positive and have a realistic plan and strategy to work towards any exciting venture you may have, there is no doubt you will see the same clear and decisive attitude rub on to your family members!

Give it a try, the adolescent phase of your children might be more advantageous than you thought!

By: World Junior Golf

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