August 22, 2017

Taking Your Junior From The Range To The Course

Taking Your Junior From The Range To The Course

Slowly introducing your child to the game of golf? We have some tips for when parents are ready to take their little golfer from the practice area to the course!

The game of golf can be overwhelming with a round being 18 holes and 4 hours long. So, consider starting with 9 holes and let your golfer play every other hole or skip a few if they want. If they are eager to hit multiple shots, but people are behind you, simply explain to them in golf you have to keep moving to the next hole. It’s part of the game!

Also, when playing with a junior keep in mind pace of play. Let your child hit a tee shot then ride in the cart while watching you hit your approach shot. Then, let them out on the putting green to sink some putts. Walking? No problem, let them attempt a few shots then pick it up. Putting together a real score for a hole might be a challenge at first, so a few shots at a time is ideal.

 Additionally, many courses have started to build in “family tee’s” that are shorter in distance and located in the fairway. You can call ahead to a course or look online to see if they offer these tees for juniors. If a club has a par 3 course, those are a great place to take your young golfer as well!

To sum it up:


  • Let your golfer play every other hole with you, or skip a few as they want.
  • Keep in mind pace of play, picking it up when necessary is always ok.
  • Try family tees or a par 3 course. …and most of all, have fun!


By:  World Junior Golf

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