August 22, 2017

Sometimes a Talk is All They Need…

Sometimes a Talk is All They Need…

Are you sure about why your kids plays golf? And if they are happy or not doing so?

If you are a big golf enthusiast and your children take lessons and play golf, sometimes they can refrain from sharing things with you because they don’t know how you will react.

The happiness and well-being of your toddlers should be #1 on the priority list; this is why it is important to give them space for communication about anything going on in their lives. A good place to start is for you to have a conversation with them about their interest in golf (or any other sport for that matter), and how they would like to manage their time and hobbies.

If you touch on the following 4 subjects during your talk, you will be getting all the information you need and they will be sure that you can listen to them at any time!

  1. Frequency – Ask your kids if they are happy playing/practicing as often as they do during the week. If they seem to want to do more or less be sure to understand the reason behind it.
  2. Commitment – Although you can see you children willingly go about their practice and lessons you might want to hear them say it. There might be a couple of things they want to get off their chest!
  3. Goals – What are your little one’s goal with this sport? Do you know it already? You might want to have this conversation again just to be sure, kids can change their minds easily and it can be hard for them to share these thoughts with you sometimes
  4. Competition – Check if they are happy with the amount of events they are playing, or if they haven’t played one yet talk to them and their coach to see when is the right time.

By: World Junior Golf

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