August 22, 2017

Smoother Transition to Smoother Results

Smoother Transition to Smoother Results

Are you often playing great golf and a couple of big numbers completely ruin your round? It is hard to know what happens in these situations, especially with a hot head right after the round, but once you sit down to think about it the next day; you realize that you went 9-over par in two holes and 1-over in sixteen.

If you can relate to this scenario, it is obvious that you are capable of shooting par or even better in a good day! But, why do you always seem to shoot over 80? Making the transition from shooting 80’s to 70’s, or 70’ to 60’s can be overwhelming for many reasons; maybe you did not expect to improve so quickly or you are not used to being in the top of the leaderboard and do not how to handle it.

For completing this transition successfully, there are a number of matters to consider:

  • Believe in yourself: How are you going to shoot par if you think of yourself as an 80’s and over player? Self-belief and self-image are as important as how much do you practice every day, you set your limits with what you think about yourself.
  • Keep Walking! No matter what happens, keep playing more and more golf rounds. This will help you get acquainted with lower scores every time you play until it does not make you shaky anymore!
  • Never make the same mistakes twice: When you are on the verge of disaster, stop for a second and analyze the situation. If you hit a poor shot to the woods just play a safe out to the fairway, instead of making a hero shot through a dozen branches to hit the green in two. Do not get into trouble right after you got into trouble, it is far better to take a boguey or double boguey than a quad or worse!

Follow these guidelines in your transition to a better player and things will keep getting easier everytime!

By: World Junior Golf


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