August 22, 2017

Quiet Your Eyes For 1st Place

Quiet Your Eyes For 1st Place

After being in competitive golf for a while, you realize that a huge percentage of your golf rounds could have been winning rounds for only a few shots. You may ask to yourself: What is missing? My practice is well executed, my swing is in great shape, I am striking the ball consistently in the center of the clubface… So why am I not winning tournaments?

It could be many things, a few off-shots here and there, not hitting the right distance every time or failing to get up and down regularly. However, tour players do not play perfect golf either. They struggle with their game all of the time but that never seems to stop them from winning or earning huge checks. It is as if they knew something you are missing out of, and they probably do.

The “quiet eye” theory is certainly what you are looking for. This has to do with what people are looking at right before, during, and after they performed their task; like when putting or why not, a full shot. Research shows that professional athletes of any sport keep their gaze longer on their target right before performing their shot than regular players. Also if someone would measure your eye movements on a poor shot vs. a great shot you would find out that your eyes were fixated on your target longer on the best shot.

What are you waiting for to try this technique? Follow these pointers and you will rise on that leaderboard in no time!

  • Pre-shot routine: After choosing a target from the start of the pre-shot routine, right before you perform your shot, focus your gaze on the important aspects of your target. These could be; the right edge of the cup, the left side of the green, or why not a sprinkler head? – The more specific the better.
  • Keep your eye on the ball: After all, this is not exactly a new idea but with the right science behind it, it certainly makes a lot more of sense! Try focusing on the golf ball during your putting stroke, and right after you hit it keep looking at the spot on the green where it was, Tiger Woods is a great example for this!
  • Repeat! Continue this strategy with every shot, you will amaze yourself with the quality shots and the putts you will start sinking! Golf is a game that requires a huge amount of concentration and the quiet eye theory does exactly that. After all this is a skill that can be grooved to perfection, so you can play in-the-zone-golf on every shot!

By:  World Junior Golf


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