August 22, 2017

Q and A with 2016 LAAC Champion Paul Chaplet

Q and A with 2016 LAAC Champion Paul Chaplet

Recently Costa Rica did great on the 2016 LAAC (Latin American Amateur Championship) collecting a first place with upcoming junior golfer Paul Chaplet.paul chaplet1

We were lucky enough to get an interview with this hardworking junior golfer; here is what he had to say:


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Q/ What were your thoughts coming into the tournament knowing the best players in Latin America were going to be your competition?

My thoughts were very simple, just play my best golf, have fun and just have patience with the golf course

Q/ As a junior golfer, how do you manage your time between school, practice, responsibilities and your social life?

For all those aspects I divide my schedule so that everything is in order so if I need to take one week off hopefully I will get help from them and they allow me to miss that week to play those tournaments

Q/ In what ways would you say your parents support have helped you succeed as a junior golfer?

My parents have helped in every way I could think, which means economically, mentally and just really being there for me.

Q/ Has golf always been fun for you? And how important is that for young players that want to succeed in this game?

Golf has always been fun for me; it is the reason why I play. For young players it is the most important part, because if you are not having fun with what you are doing on the golf course, then you are not doing it well.

Q/ What happened in holes 13 and 16 during the final round that you said your caddie, friend and fellow competitor Andres Russi gave you great help?

Those holes we had tough situations, where we took in count or not making more than bogey, so we took a safe shot on those holes and ended up making that bogey that we aimed for.

Q/ At what point of the competition you realized you had a chance to collect a win?

On hole 14, I had one par 5 and the tough stretch from 15 to 18, I knew if I could get to 4 under and stay there I had a good chance. I did make one bogey but I thought the guys behind me would make bogeys too, and that’s when I knew.

Q/ You are now going to play alongside the best players in the world in the next Masters Championship and the US. Amateur, U.S. Open and British Open qualifiers. How do you wrap this idea around your head with only 16 years of age? And how do you plan on preparing for the biggest golf-related achievement on your life?

It is going to be another experience, so I am simply going to be playing the same golf I have been playing since the first day of the Latin American (LAAC), and hopefully it will work in most of the situations. As for the preparation, I am going to keep doing what I am doing; mental practice, physical practice and then obviously golf practice. It has been working very well and I do not see a reason to change.

Q/ What is your ultimate goal in golf?

To play professionally at the highest level

Q/ From what you have learned in your six or so years of playing this game, what is the best advice you can give other junior golfers that want to reach the level of play you are currently in?

The best thing I could tell them is have fun, have patience and be smart, because it is a game that’s all about how you manage the golf course, how you play it and if you are having fun it is very easy to be smart.


By: World Junior Golf



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