August 22, 2017

Parents; Don’t Rush it!

Parents; Don’t Rush it!

No one never expects or wants an injury; unfortunately, it happens from time to time. For your kid is very hard because depending on the type of injury, its recovery can take up to a year in some cases, and they are dying to practice the sport they love.trailer movie Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

On the other hand, you parents suffer as well… It is hard to see your kids go through this process and given that you are their #1 fan, you wish to see them playing as soon as possible.

Your generation lived through the Tiger Woods era; you remember his first Major win at Augusta as well as his astonishing career. You must know that Tiger had an incredible thirst for victory, and would go after it at all cost, including his own health. Woods played through injuries and against medical advice for the love and passion he felt for the game, and where is he now?

Tiger’s power and fearlessness certainly payed off for his career, but if he would have taken better care of himself and his injuries his career could’ve had a longer lifespan don’t you think?

Pain and injuries are a defense and alert mechanism for us to be weary of our health. Your children need to rest and recover all the time, especially if they play sports! Look at what Dr. Joseph Donahue (former team physician for the San Francisco 49ers and Stanford University as well as current team physician for Santa Clara University) has to say in this great video by the Positive Coaching Alliance!

By: World Junior Golf

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