August 22, 2017

Let Winning be the Byproduct, not the End Result!

Let Winning be the Byproduct, not the End Result!

At the present day, whether it is in education or sports our society seems to measure success by results. This is okay in the sense that results have to be measured in some way, however this has lead the way to some short-mindedness thinking such as believing that someone is a better human being just because of their grades or performance in a certain activity.

The young malleable minds are the most affected by this phenomenon; they are more prone to believe this to be the only way to measure success and value, and it is your duty as a parent to set things straight.

The truth is that every child out there is unique in their own way; your kid maybe great with numbers but not so good at arts and crafts, other kids may have a certain edge for sports than others, and so on. So, of course the scoring charts and grades are going to have a wide span of variation, but, the one thing that makes children susceptible to believe that results are the sole authority of dictating success, is what can lead them to grow out of it. This is their adaptable and flexible consciousness.

What can you do as a parent to stir them on the right direction?

Here are 4 lessons you can emphasize on to let your kid know that he or she has the potential to achieve anything they would love to do!

  1. Never try to be better than someone else, instead, never cease trying to be the best they can – How can someone succeed if they constantly measure their progress against someone else’s?
  2. Giving your all is not far away from victory – If your kids learn to give 100% grit at practice and at the golf course, they will not win them all but there is no doubt that they will win more than 1 tournament.
  3. Never be late, be neat and clean, and take things seriously – This shows commitment and respect for the game, it will certainly open some doors in the future
  4. Have Patience and Faith – All the great things in life require these two. To teach this to your kids will be of immense value given that nowadays everything is about instant gratification over long-term benefits.

If you manage to raise a self-motivated determined child, victory will be just a byproduct of their passionate work, at whatever they may decide to pursue!

By: World Junior Golf

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