September 21, 2017

Jordan Spieth Talks With Middle School Kids

Recently Jordan Spieth and his athletic trainer Damon Goddard spoke at a middle school in Texas on staying drug free and working towards your goals. The talk was posted to YouTube by the middle school. Spieth spoke about his path in school and guidance from his parents and others around him.

In many post round interviews this year you can find Spieth referencing his “team” and using the word “we” as he explains his goals for the year. It’s great to hear him talking about how others help him get to where he his. In the YouTube video talk he mentions how his dad taught him with goal setting to write down the goals instead of just having them as thoughts. He also mentions how his team is a group of people working together on goals and encourages kids to find others to lean on around them.

Although he only spent one year in college, he was no stranger to temptation to party. He suggests to kids ways of saying no, or using the excuse of your parents or other obligations, as ways to avoid drugs or partying. His simply states how his goals and what he wanted to achieve were his highest priority and he only involved himself in things that helped him achieve those goals.

 Watch PGA Tour #1 Jordan Spieth talk about staying focused in school, goal setting, and having others to lean on for a positive influence. Click here for the link.


By:  World Junior Golf

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