September 21, 2017

Jason Day Will Help You get Things Right!

Jason Day Will Help You get Things Right!

It is never easy to be a parent any way you look at it, and when it comes to introducing your kids into golf, you must know for a fact that things complicate quite a bit. This is because the complexity of the sport combines with the regular day-to-day measures you need to take care of to raise your little ones.

Jason Day recently made a family issue with Golf Digest, where he explains what things to consider when starting your kid in golf. Jason has a small kid named Dash that loves to hit golf balls on the range, he says that he mainly tries to keep things fun and simple. However, there are 5 things the PGA Champion wants you to consider:

  1. Desire: It will be useless if you push your kid relentlessly into taking golf seriously from a young age, you will push them away eventually and it will not be any fun for them or for you!
  2. Patience: You must know what patience means form just being a parent, but it will take a few extra drops of it to instill your toddler into this sport with a fun atmosphere.
  3. Fundamentals: As fun as this sport may be for tour child, it would not harm if you teach him or her a few very basic things about golf, nothing technical, such as; aiming at a target or to tell the difference between ball flights, etc.
  4. Drills: These kind of practices made for juniors are great to spice things up, raise the fun factor and it will help them in their cognitive and motor skills as well, because of their organized nature!
  5. Tantrums: This is just part of being a parent; your kid will not be on the perfect mood always on the golf course, try to prevent any major breakdowns from happening by bringing snacks, water or beverages, switching activities, and if any of these things fail to work then it is better to call it a day!

By: World Junior Golf


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