August 22, 2017

It’s Time for Fitness

It’s Time for Fitness

As a junior golfer, you are in the process of becoming an athlete. You already have the discipline, determination and skills necessary to continue pursuing your dream. However, you need to start focusing on the physical side.

If you are not keen to exercising that much, focus on the benefits it will bring to you, not only in golf but in everything you do as well. Some of the positive changes you will see are: Increased energy in and out of the golf course, more distance, improved physique, less risk of injury, stronger body and mind, and countless others…

After a few weeks, you will feel different and your numbers on the golf course will start going down!

When first starting strength and conditioning training there a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Break the Routine: The more you vary the way you train the better! Your body gets used to the stress if you do the same workout every time, this will stop you from getting stronger and fitter. Even if you do not have a trainer or a routine, try mixing up activities. For example, instead of just running 30 min. every other day, try adding a couple of more activities, like swimming and cycling. This way your body will have a more complete workout during the week!
  2. Proper Form: It can be better to pay a little extra and work with a trainer at the beginning, this way you will learn proper technique for many exercises and avoid unnecessary injuries. Just like proper technique in golf, in your workouts it will make you improve faster and more efficiently.
  3. Always Warm-Up: It is important to raise your body’s temperature before your workouts, if you are at home, a few sets of 50 jumping jacks will get the job done. A good warmup will make you perform better during your routine. This is like hitting the range just before your round!
  4. Stretch! This is probably one of the most important things to remember when working out; this will allow you to relax after training and will improve your flexibility, this will equate into better movement overall during your rounds. Skipping this step will most certainly bring you injuries in the future.
  5. Get Some Rest! Resting is just as important as training; in the recovery process is where your body gets stronger. Besides, for a healthy young golfer, two or three times a week dedicated to physical training is more than enough.

Remember, incorporating physical conditioning is going to be a big change for your game, your body will undergo a transformation and it can be hard at first to adapt to this out on the golf course. Patience is not a value that is new to your vocabulary; you need to wait and commit to the process and guaranteed you will benefit on the long run from this!

By: World Junior Golf


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