August 22, 2017

It’s Fine, You Can Learn From Strangers!

It’s Fine, You Can Learn From Strangers!

Increasing your competitive level in golf depends in several different factors:

  • Coaching
  • Practice
  • Equipment
  • Tournament Play
  • Determination

These are all known by most of the players like you seeking to reach a high level in this sport. However, one factor that wasn’t mentioned above and probably the most important one is the willingness to learn!

The truth is that wherever you are you can learn something useful for your game; whether you are at school or having a good time with your buddies you would be surprised on how many things you can pick up that you can add to your learning arsenal.

One of the best places to acquire knowledge is playing golf, not because you are actually practicing the sport, but because who you are playing with.

Every time you venture on a new round, whether it is the weekend or a new tournament, you are paired up with someone new. Usually you just mind your own business and go about your round, however, there are loads of lessons to be learned from these ‘strangers’.

Be wary of their attitude towards the game, their pre-shot routine, their swing, anything you can think of, you can also engage in friendly conversation to learn a bit about their background. Be an observer and look for anything interesting that might be of good use for you.

Keep in mind that every single golfer thinks differently, and views the game in their own way. If you are receptive and observant you will learn a lot!

By: World Junior Golf

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