September 21, 2017

Introduction to the Mental Game – Lesson 3: Self Reliance

Introduction to the Mental Game – Lesson 3: Self Reliance

On the preceding weeks you have already learnt about decision making and managing your emotions, we are halfway there! These previous lessons should have already improved significantly how you handle yourself around the golf course, especially under pressure. These guidelines have been all about improving thought process and decisions, unlike this week that you are going to change nothing but your presence.

Presence can be described as the ability to project a sense of ease, poise, or self-assurance before an audience. How is this important? Other players cannot see how great you are capable of playing; they just see what is going on right then and there. You need to let them know, just by looking at you, that you are the greatest player; this does not mean to be rude or disrespectful, but to convey a very high level of confidence in yourself and in your game.

To master this you must be self-reliant (of course we are not talking about money or other duties your parents are responsible for), this means to have the ability to hold yourself accountable for your actions and goals.

A self-reliant person will:

  1. Be organized/responsible: You must be organized in the sense of always carrying a ball-marker (and an extra one) with you, knowing what are the contents their location on your golf bag, keep track of your turn when playing, as well as your groups pace of play, an countless other things. The objective is to have a certain sense of orientation and control of what is going on, this will let everyone know that you take this sport seriously and they will respect you for that.
  2. Look Good: You do not have to buy all the fancy outfits and the latest equipment every season, however you MUST always look neat and clean, as well as your clubs. Always clean your clubs after every round or practice, and carry a small towel and a club cleaner. Make sure you have enough clothes to not wear them up very quickly. If you always look like a pro, you will start believing you are one!
  3. Be Smart: Practice enough before competition and be sure to know your strengths and weaknesses at every moment. Of course, a poor round can happen to even the best players, but if you know your game and your mistakes, you will have better odds to wrap up an acceptable round instead of a disaster round! Do not rely on your coach to solve all of your problems! You have to remember, even though there is a huge team backing you up, golf is an individual sport that will require you to act as one.


By: World Junior Golf



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