September 21, 2017

Interview with Promising Young Athlete Andres Russi from Costa Rica

Interview with Promising Young Athlete Andres Russi from Costa Rica

Andres Russi is a 16 year-old junior golfer from Costa Rica that was part of the team that traveled to the 2016 LAAC. He has been playing golf practically his whole life and has a great amount of insight that other junior golfers can benefit from.paul y andres

Andres is a strong example of a successful junior golf development process that every junior golfer with high hopes should follow. Here are some of his words:

Q/ How long have you been playing golf? What do you like most about the game?

I started playing golf when I was 5 years old with Christian and Roy (Local Golf Professionals), I started playing more competitively when I was 12 and since then I have been playing a lot of national and international tournaments. About this game I like the most that you can play with your friends, it is a sport where you can develop not only your game, but you can be a better human being, because you work on a lot of values like honesty and friendship.

Q/ What are some of your biggest achievements in golf?russi imagen post

Well I won twice in Guatemala, an international tournament, I won a tournament last year in Colombia, and I was National Champion last year. I think my biggest achievements are international.

Q/ How long have you been in a game development process with a golf professional?

My professor right now is Alejandro Duque (President of WJG), since I was 12 years old I have been playing more competitive golf until now, for about 4 years.

Q/ How important would you say it is to be part of a process like this one for other junior golfers that want to achieve a high level of play?

It is really important, first of all because you got to have discipline and improve every day, wake up early in the morning to practice and you got to stay on your goals and do whatever you need to achieve them.

Q/ What role do your parents play in your development as a junior golfer?

They play a big role, because they were the ones that pushed me harder in golf, they wanted me to be a better golfer and they know that I love the sport so I try to get better every single day.

Q/ Golf is a game of values and a strong moral compass, what are some of the biggest lessons you have learned regarding this subject?

First of all, golf is one of the most beautiful sport because it has a lot of values, you learn how to communicate with people, you develop honesty and different values that help you be a better human.

Q/ What would be your advice to a junior golfer that has been introduced recently to the game?

First of all, do not quit because at the beginning it is not easy, you’re not going to improve your game, you got to stay focused and play all the golf you want, you go to stay focused and push harder every single day because it is a very individual and long sport.

Q/ What is your ultimate goal in golf?

Go to the university in the United States and try to play on the PGA Tour.

Q/ As a junior golfer, what do you think is missing in the game for the development of young players like yourself?

I think that the most important thing in golf is your head, your thoughts, and all your mental game because its 70% of your swing and then it’s all about what you think and the thoughts going on in your head.

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