August 22, 2017

International Events

International Events

During U.S. Kids Golf International events, the best young golfers have the chance to compete against their counterparts from across the world. Our International events began with the European Championship in 2008. This annual three-day event features more than 500 players, ages 5-18, at some of the game’s most historic courses in Scotland.

2015 marks the addition of two European Regional tournaments to the growing international schedule: August 13-14, The National Golf Centre at Woodhall Spa, the Home of English Golf, is host to the British Kids Championship. With numerous activities in the area, this is a fantastic getaway for the entire family. August 21-22, Northern Italy’s oldest city will host the inaugural Venice Open. Players will compete on the “Play 54” courses – Montecchia, Frassanelle, and Galzignano. These locations are destination tournaments for U.S. Kids Golf players and families across the globe.

Multi-day tournaments in CancúnMalaysia and South Africa have added to a list that now includes four continents as hosts of U.S. Kids Golf tournaments. U.S. Kids Golf also hosts the Canadian Invitational in Ontario. The Invitational is a multi-day event featuring players from Canada and bordering U.S. states. U.S. Kids Golf also hosts several Local Tours across the globe. Find more information for the following countries: Canada, Dominican Repu

Source:, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, and Australia.


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