September 21, 2017

Importance of a Pre-Shot Routine

Importance of a Pre-Shot Routine

The Importance of a Pre-Shot Routine.

If you’ve never heard of a pre-shot routine before, I’m sure you’ve seen many pro’s do it on tv, or people at the driving range warming-up. It’s the consistent routine of swings or thoughts a player makes before hitting their actual shot. The purpose is to make sure you’re mentally prepared to hit each shot the best you can. Most players will take a few swings to let their body feel a good rhythm. Then, pick out the target of where to hit, and when ready, walk up to the ball and hit it. This helps you hit with confidence. When wanting to play the best you can, you must have direction and focus with each shot!

Everyone is different so try what feels good to you on the practice range first. A swing or two for practice, then tell yourself “I am hitting at the tall tree”, or “I am sending my ball to the flagstick”. Then, walk up and hit the ball. Same works for chipping or putting. When chipping, find the spot you want your ball to land first. Then practice your swing as if you were chipping to that spot before you hit the actual ball. As for putting, try to really visualize and see the ball rolling to the hole with the speed and line you want while taking practice strokes. Then trust it and hit it.

When trying to find a routine that works for you, remember to practice it before playing a tournament with it. Your routine is meant to make you focused and comfortable before you hit your shot. So keep it simple. Also, if it’s new and you’re unsure, try sticking to it for a few rounds before throwing it out. Sometimes it can just take some time getting used to it.

Source: World Junior Golf

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