August 22, 2017

This is why you should Teach your Students how to Skip

This is why you should Teach your Students how to Skip

Have you ever struggled as a junior golf coach in teaching the movements that make up a golf swing? This might not be entirely your fault… Some kids get it faster than other right? Why do you think this is?

Kids have different stages of movement development:

  1. Reflexive and Spontaneous (Neonatal)
  2. Pre-Adaptive Behavior (12-14 months)
  3. Fundamentall Movement Skills (Pre-School)
    1. Locomotion (Running, skipping, sliding, etc.)
    2. Stability (Agility, coordination, etc.)
    3. Object Manipulation (Throwing, kicking, catching, etc.)
    4. Awareness (Proprioception)
  4. Sport and Context-Specific (School)

Fundamental Movement Skills are the foundation of functional movement and athleticism. This is the best time in their lives where they can develop these skills to a high level, whether they are early or late bloomers.

As golf coaches and parents, focus on developing your kids’ Sport and Context-Specific Skills right away! So the kids with deficient Fundamental Movement Skills aren’t going to perform as well on their golf game as others.

What to do?

The best measures you can take to tackle this issue are:

  • Talk to the parents about the importance of the proper movement development in their kids and how this will have a HUGE influence, not only in their golf game but also in any other activity they might want to excel on.
  • Test every junior golfer that comes into your facility for their movement development, this will let you know how to work around his or her skills to ensure the most efficient training.
  • Incorporate Fundamental Movement Skills training into your junior clinics as a warm-up or cool-down.

Be sure to check this insightful TPI Lecture on this subject to further acquire more information on the subject!

By: World Junior Golf

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