August 22, 2017

How can ‘Self-Destructive’ Rounds Teach you Something on the Long Run

How can ‘Self-Destructive’ Rounds Teach you Something on the Long Run

Some days at the golf course can be frustrating; you aren’t striking the ball solidly, you three-putted a couple of times and your emotions start heating up inside… It is safe to say that everyone has gone through days like these.

These scenarios come to a ‘make it or break it point’ were you hit a bad shot and depending on your reaction and the next couple of shots your score either turns around and a decent round arises as a result or plummets into the ‘worsts scores ever zone’. How do you normally face situations like this one? Do you:

  1. Keep your cool?
  2. Hit the self-destruct button?

You have probably done both at different times right? The funny thing is that you know that hitting the self-destruct button (feeding your negative emotions into attempting hero shot after hero shot) does not work at all 99.99 percent of the time!

Everyone knows that playing golf like this isn’t nearly as fun as it is most of the time. However, if you want less rounds like these ones you must approach them a bit differently. The next time you feel like a possible ‘self-destruction’ round is coming, keep in mind the following:

  • These are the best learning opportunities: Although is not as fun as playing your A game, you can learn quite a bit from these rounds. Focus on your misses; how are you missing the ball? Is is a mishit or a trajectory issue? What clubs are giving you the hardest time? There are a million questions like these that will feed you information so you can go practice and talk to your coach with better detail
  • You will eventually find a way through it: These rounds will never go away, they will just come less and less, but when they do you must have a go-to shot or shots than will be able to get you in the fairway at least!
  • You will be able to sharpen you mental skills:
  • On tough days your mind is the one doing most of the work to make the best decisions after poor shots, choosing the least harmful strategy for that day and much other things. The more you go through and work your way to the end of the 18th hole on rough rounds, the best you will perform under pressure!

By: World Junior Golf




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