August 22, 2017

Having a Solid Golf Team?

Having a Solid Golf Team?

If your child chooses to take golf more seriously, World Junior Golf  emphasizes  the importance of building what we call a Golf Team. This team has three parts:

Golf team graphic

Every part has its own responsibilities and at the same time, they relate directly with each other. If this team works efficiently, the chances are that they will be, not only very successful, but happy during the whole process as well!

What is the big deal about having a team?

The main purpose of building this team is to generate a support group that acts as a family in the world of competitive golf, which can be a bit overwhelming from time to time.

For this team to work effectively there are several factors to consider:movie xXx: Return of Xander Cage streaming

  1. Communication: Every part of the team must be honest with the rest. The golfers must communicate to their coaches and parents anything they would need to know, just as the parents and coaches should do the same. It is recommended to have a weekly meeting, even if it is 10 minutes long.
  2. Purpose: The team should have a common goal; the golfer ultimately defines this goal. Whether he or she wants to play professionally or get into the college golf team, every part should know where they are headed and what is the path to do so.
  3. Support: Because this team works as a unit when one part is struggling or is in some kind of difficult situation, the others must step in and intervene or fix the problem. The same applies when the team achieves a victory, some kind of celebration would be nice to congratulate everyone on the hard work!

The parents/mentors, coaches and the golfer are in a symbiotic relationship. The goal is to grow and learn of each other. Parents will have better relationships with their kids, coaches will be more successful and the junior golfers will accomplish their goal! It’s a win-win in any way you look at it.

By: World Junior Golf

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