September 21, 2017

Golf Team Efficiency: Part 2

Golf Team Efficiency: Part 2

Last week in Golf Team Efficiency: Part 1, we learned that trust between your kids, you and their coach is imperative for thriving in the golf world. However, it is just a part that embodies what is necessary for the golf team’s optimal productivity. Another important piece of this puzzle is discipline, more importantly in what way you discipline your children in and out of the golf course.

Here are 4 tips on how to build character and discipline on your children:

  1. The Do-Over: Giving them a break occasionally can be a positive thing; have them start all over again. It gives them practice in treating others well.
  2. The Silent Rule: When their behavior is not up to par on the golf course or out of it, instead of using words or loudness that agitates them even more, have them seat quietly for a few minutes. Taking away the privilege to talk for a certain amount of time will calm them down and give them time to think.
  3. Natural Consequences: Your kid has a school project due tomorrow and has done no work? Or perhaps he has not practiced enough for the tournament he wants to play in? Your warned him/her a couple of days ago and now they are begging for your help. Do not aid them and you will see how he anxiety, loss of sleep, and bad performance will encourage better decisions next time.
  4. Prevention: Become a student of your child and their world, then use insight in guiding them before problems occur. Talk openly with your child on a daily basis, reward the many great things they do, support them with lots of love in any given situation and hold your line when you have to.

Finally, when you children are disciplined enough you and they will see a huge change in every aspect of their lives, including their golf game. Your kids coach will highly appreciate this and it will make his work with your junior golfer much more productive and effective.

By:  World Junior Golf

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