September 21, 2017

Girls Power! Interview with Nicole Weller, PGA

Girls Power! Interview with Nicole Weller, PGA

Nicole Weller is a U.S. Kids Master Kids Teacher and certified with U.S. Kids Golf and Spirit of Golf. She had the prestigious honor of being the first professional to receive both the 2013 PGA and LPGA National Junior Golf Leader awards in the same year! (Click here for more info on Nicole)

We had the amazing opportunity to ask her a few questions in this year’s PGA Youth and Family Summit where the amount of passion and information regarding junior golf was overwhelming!

Take a look at what she had to say!

What are some guidelines for golf professionals that can help with the growth and development of girls junior golf?

It would be important to find out what kind of programs are being offered, I don’t know if LPGA girls golf is there yet, but that would be a very good idea to go with. LPGA and USGA girls’ golf, they have a very nice program. I think just for starters girls like to work with other girls so, bring a friend day, bring your mom day, golf birthday parties, not just golf thing s but others things like arts and dancing.

The LPGA has a new good training manual for working with girls if you help run one of the programs, so that’s a great idea.

What are some factors you consider to make golf fun and productive for juniors?

My interest is in getting them started so especially with the very young ones, a lot of color, letting the kids decide how to do the programs themselves, like “Here is some equipment come up with a game!”, having a point system that they can work towards as a team, a lot more team activities, lots of games.

I like very much Don Law’s and Rick Hurd’s program called “Parkit”, they work together with U.S. Kids Golf, so those kinds of games I think are very fun. As well as throwing some other sports in there too like throwing, kicking, jumping, racing, not just golf!

What makes a desirable learning environment for young girls?

Well some similarities again, like having other girls there, activities like arts and crafts. Also, things that they can do to own the class, not just being told “here’s how you do this”, but asking for their opinion and saying “how would you like to have this run” or just themes that are fun for them like “today everybody is going to wear the strangest socks” or “the funniest hat”. Activities like these and getting them involved in some decision making can be very good things!

What makes junior golf a passion for you?

I think seeing the results, the smiles, seeing them get it, and it is just really nice to see any golfer have a moment when they understand and they smile and it is just amazing. Sometimes I’ve actually had a little tear come out of my eye, it’s just really cool. But just to see them own something, and learn it to the point that they know it and they go with it, so it is not my accomplishment or what I taught them but what they learned!

By: World Junior Golf


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