August 22, 2017

Fun putting games for youngsters:

Fun putting games for youngsters:

Keeping young kids interested in the game of golf is tough because they can lose their curiosity in the game very fast. This can be a daunting task for some parents so keeping things simple and fun is important for your child. If you can achieve this, it will help build their confidence and keep them coming back for more. Here are a few games you can play on the practice putting green with your child and their friends:


A 3-hole mini-putt course:

Create a 3-hole mini-putt course by grabbing some string and some tees. Make a fun course with 3 holes that zig and zag back and forth. You can even add in a few obstacles from your golf bag like a glove, a pen or sharpie that your child has to putt around. Designate a specific par for each hole, and play a few rounds with the lowest score being the winner. If the ball goes outside of the string, there should be a penalty stroke added to the score and the ball is replaced at the point that it exited the “course”. This game is great for distance control and also short game management.


Two Putt Game:

This game is fairly simple. You can play with a number of players and the scoring is easy, even for kids. The person who goes first gets to choose a hole, and the goal is to either one putt or two putt. The scoring goes like this:

1 putt = 2 points

2 putt = 0 points

3 putt = -2 points


You can play the first to a certain number wins, or you can play a 9 or 18 hole match and whoever has the most points at the end wins. There are many variations to this game but it emphasizes the importance of getting in the hole in 2 putts or less and really penalizes you for a 3 putt.


There are many more games like this that your child can play on the putting green. Whether they are playing with you, or with their friends, these are the types of things that keep them coming back to the golf course for more!

By: World Junior Golf



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