August 22, 2017

Family Course Yardages

Family Course Yardages

Carry Distance

The U.S. Kids Golf Family Course model is based on average carry distance because the course needs to fit the distance players can hit the golf ball, especially for young or beginning golfers. Using driver carry distances of 100 and 140 yards for Level 1 and Level 2 tees, respectively, U.S. Kids Golf developed a chart that outlines the average distance a shot will carry for each club.

Coaches can learn more about this philosophy by attending a Certified Coaches Seminar, and parents seeking expert instruction can Find a Coach on the U.S. Kids Golf website.

Model Golf Hole – Par 4

This model hole reflects the use of a driver and a 7-iron from two teeing grounds. The blue line is a player that has a driver carry distance of 100 yards, and the white line is for a player with a driver carry distance of 220 yards. By playing from the appropriate tees, both players can enjoy the game and play the hole in a similar manner.

The chart shows an approximate nine-hole course that has 2 par 3s, 5 par 4s and 2 par 5s with the Level 1 tees being just over 1,500 yards and the Level 2 tees being over 2,000 yards (click to enlarge). The scoring requirements in the U.S. Kids Golf Learning Program are based on playing nine holes from at least 1,500 yards, which is roughly the yardage of Level 1 Tees on a Family Course.



Sample Hole Graphic Course Yardage

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