February 21, 2017

Failure: A Requisite for Success

Failure: A Requisite for Success

Being a junior golf coach encompasses a wide variety of responsibilities. Besides the obvious technical and playing abilities you ought to pass on to your students, you become a role model who will have a huge influence (whether you want it or not) in their behavior in and out of the golf course.

The golf stuff can be easy for the most part, but the life lessons you pass on as their coach can be extremely tough because once you earn their trust you become an important part of their day-to-day personal struggles and aspirations. For example, if their favorite pet becomes ill, they have a harsh break up with their boyfriend/girlfriend, or some other major issue comes along, there is going to be an important emotional struggle. All of these experiences will influence them as a person and you are part of their support group now; understanding how to deal with these situations is key to their well being as human beings as well as for their future as golfers.

There are many situations that will come along through years of having a solid junior golfer-coach relationship, however, failure is a wall you will encounter very often and with the right mindset towards it you will instill very valuable life-long lessons that will work wonders for them in the golf course and in every part of their future.

How can you educate your pupils into embracing failure?

Here are 5 points on how failure can bring positive characteristics from anyone in any given situation!

  1. Builds Resilience
  2. Encourages Motivation to Improve
  3. It Sparks a hunger for Problem Solving
  4. Shows you what you Need to Work On
  5. Builds Character and Drive

So anytime you experience a misstep or some kind of defeat with your students, remind them that life as well as golf, is a process, and along the journey situations they might not expect or want will show up. You must show them that embracing these breakdowns is the foundation of success and very constructive things will arise form them!

By: World Junior Golf


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