August 22, 2017

Course Management Series 1/4

Course Management Series 1/4

It is clear and everyone agrees this is a very important area to focus on, however nobody tells you how! Over the next four weeks, we will focus on the basics components of managing yourself around the golf course. We will cover in these four lessons the following: 1) Par 3, 4 and 5, 2) Importance of Scrambling, 3) Course Mapping and 4) Strategy.

Understanding Par 3, 4 and 5

When you are first introduced to the game and to the golf course, it is very important to understand the meaning of ‘par’. ‘Par’ can be defined as the designated number of shots each hole should be played in (if you wish to find out more of the historical background behind this meaning click here!), this can come to add up normally between 70 and 72 shots. This total number depends on how many holes are par 3, 4 or 5 the golf course has.

To start managing better your game you need to understand that your goal may not be to shoot par on every hole just now. You can get creative and have your own personal par, or play bogey golf (1 over par on every hole; more or less 90 strokes per round). As a beginner, your thought process should look something like this:

Hole Par Beginner
Par 3 1st shot: Lands on the green

2nd shot: Rolls and ends near the hole

3rd shot: In the hole

·         Do not stress about hitting the green, especially if there is danger (water hazards, deep bunkers, etc.)
Par 4 1st shot: Lands on the fairway

2nd shot: Lands on the green

3rd shot: Rolls and ends near the hole

4th shot: In the hole


·         Keep the ball in the fairway as much as you can

·         Play away from trouble (OB’s, hazards)

·         Aim for the safest side of the green, always

Par 5 1st shot: Lands on the fairway

2nd shot: Lands on the fairway

3rd shot: Lands on the green

4th shot: Rolls and ends near the hole

5th shot: In the hole

·         Keep the ball in the fairway even if it takes you more shots to arrive to the green

·         When in trouble, put the ball into play again instead of trying miracle shots.


Keep in mind that this sort of approach to different holes is designed to improve your score in rounds that you want to shoot better, you should feel encouraged to try any shot or strategy you want during other rounds and practice, it is the only way you can learn effectively!

Start playing golf with this new understanding instead of aiming for the flagstick in every shot. You will definitely see major improvements in no time!


By:  World Junior Golf


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