August 22, 2017

Course Management and Saving Strokes

Course Management and Saving Strokes

If your ball strays off into the woods or into a not so perfect position, do you take the easy way out and just chip it into a safe spot, or do you try to pull off the impossible?

Most people would agree that when they pull off an extremely difficult shot out of the trees or in a compromising position, that it is the best feeling in the world. There is a rush of adrenaline and you can’t believe that you actually did it!

However, the probability of actually pulling off this shot is very low. The percentage of executing the shot is not in your favor and it may be better if you just “take your medicine” and go the safe route.

This means that if you hit a shot in the trees, take the most safe route and chip back out into the fairway. Sometimes this might mean you are chipping backwards, or straight sideways. This way, if you hit it back out into the fairway you are giving yourself a chance to hit a great 3rd shot onto the green and potentially saving a par, or at worst making a bogey

If you choose the more difficult route and do not pull it off, you are looking at making a very high number- often more than a bogey. Your ball may ricochet off of a tree and go deeper into the woods, or into a spot where it is unplayable. This low percentage shot often leads to double, triple, or even quadruple bogeys!

It isn’t a bad idea to practice punch shots, or trying to get your ball through a small slot in between trees, but when it comes to a real round of golf where your score counts, always think about course management and go for the safe route.

By: World Junior Golf

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