September 21, 2017

Coming up with a Practice Plan:

Coming up with a Practice Plan:

A solid practice schedule is very important if you are serious about improving. If you are trying to come up with a practice plan for you or your child, it needs to be designed around the player’s availability as well as their goals.

When coming up with a practice plan, or deciding on how much to practice you need to consider a few things:

  • How much time can you commit to practice sessions
  • What is the main focus area
  • How good do you want to get

Figure out your schedule with work, school, family time, etc. and set up a regularly scheduled practice time. Get some times that you know you can make work and if you can only squeeze in an hour a day, then practice an hour a day. If you only have 3 hours total in a week, then split that up in 3 different days. You can get more done in 3 separate practice sessions than you can in one long 3 hour session.

Try to figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are in your golf game. Once you figure out your weakness, make sure you spend at least 30-40% of your practice time on that one area and then split up the rest of the time on all different areas of your game. Sometimes, keeping track of your stats over a period of rounds can help you figure out where you are struggling in your golf game.

Set a goal of how good you want to be, and try to complete this goal in a given time frame. Now if you are a 15 handicap, and you want to become a Tour Professional, do not assume that you can complete this goal in one year’s time. This is something that can take several years. Your goal can be anything. It can be to win a local tournament, play college golf somewhere, become a teaching pro or a touring pro, or just drop your handicap into single digits. Remember that planning for long-term improvement is more important and more realistic than immediate success.

So figure out a plan, and how much time you are willing to practice, and you will be on track for success.

By: World Junior Golf

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