August 22, 2017

5 Tips for Choosing Kids Clubs

5 Tips for Choosing Kids Clubs

Knowing which clubs are going to be the right fit for your junior golfer can be complicated given that currently, the variety in brands available is enormous. Furthermore, children grow at such an accelerated rate that you never want to overspend in equipment that is going to last a year or so.

Here are some pointers on what to take into consideration when searching for junior golf sets:

  1. How many clubs are necessary? – Having fourteen clubs for a 6 year old is obviously pointless, but sometimes having four or five can be too much as well. Youngsters that are starting out usually need no more than a putter and a wedge, the basics in golf are to get the ball in the air and to roll it properly on the green.
  2. The Driver – If your kid is recently starting to play, a driver made from titanium (usually more expensive) is not necessary; stainless steel/aluminum drivers will do the work just fine when learning. In addition, the driver should not be longer than 2-inches below the sternum; longer drivers will not equate into longer drives!
  3. When is the appropriate time for a fitting? – Numerous major manufacturers focus on building junior clubs, these clubs are designed for children at certain heights. Sticking to one manufacturer and their designated dimensions is reliable. Nevertheless, if your child is involved in a serious process you should ask the golf coach about junior fitting and re-check the clubs every 6-12 months.
  4. Golf Balls – The adequate golf balls for younger players are normally super-soft cover golf balls that will aid getting the ball airborne and with a soft landing on the greens. Make sure your kids can practice as much as they can with the same golf balls they use on the course; this will help with the consistency of their game and their comfort level in competition.
  5. Never – Cut down your old clubs to fit their height, this might seem as a great idea to save some money but it will complicate things even more. This will make the shaft extremely stiff, making almost impossible for them to get the convenient height on their shots, as well as generating proper speed on their golf swing.

By:  World Junior Golf

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