August 22, 2017

Calculating Yardage

Calculating Yardage

Once your child learns a ballpark average yardage of how far they hit each club, they should learn how to calculate yardages in order to maximize their potential out on the course.

There are a number of ways to get your child to learn how to calculate yardage. They can pace from their ball to a certain yardage marker that is out on the golf course, they can use a yardage book if the golf course has one, or they can use a measuring device such as a sky caddy, or a laser to shoot the pin.

The most beneficial way for a beginner to learn this, is to get them to try and figure out the distance the natural way by pacing off steps from their ball to a certain yardage marker. This will be a skill that they will use every time they golf, and if they play a golf course that does not have very many yardage markers, it helps them with figuring out a ballpark yardage just by looking at the distance.

To teach your child or a beginner how to calculate yardage, find the nearest marked sprinkler head, or 200(blue), 150(white) or 100(red) marker on the course. Have them pace either forward or backward to their ball. Each step is about a yard and a child will have to take fairly large steps. If their ball is 10 yards in front of the 100-yard marker, they have 90 yards to the center of the green.

They can also look to see where the pin is in relation to the center of the green. Most sprinkler heads and yardage markers are marked to the dead center, so if there is a pin at the back of the green, they can add a few yards, and vice-versa for a front pin.

By: World Junior Golf

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