August 22, 2017

Equipment and Club Buying Guide for Junior Golfers

Equipment and Club Buying Guide for Junior Golfers

Getting a kid into golf is one thing, but finding the right equipment for them when they are just getting started can be very confusing.

If your child is still a toddler, get them a few plastic clubs with plastic balls to get them started.

Once they are between the ages of 4-6 they really only need to start out with 3 clubs- a driver, pitching wedge and a putter. The length of the pitching wedge is short and makes it easy for beginners to get the ball into the air. As your junior progresses you can add a 7 iron, hybrid and maybe a 5 or 3 wood.

The shaft flex is also important, but if you have a youngster who is below the age of 6, a junior shaft from a junior set of clubs will work fine for them. Once they are a little older, they can grow into a ladies flex, and then gradually into a regular flex or stiff flex depending on their strength and swing speed.

US Kids Golf makes 2 different balls for juniors, one is for kids who have swing speeds less than 70MPH and the other is for kids who have swing speeds between 70 and 90MPH.

Now that you have these tips on buying your youngster clubs, go purchase a new set and get them started in the greatest game on earth!


By: World Junior Golf


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