September 21, 2017

Build a Family to get the Motivation Juices Flowing!

Build a Family to get the Motivation Juices Flowing!

As a junior golf coach, you need to pay attention to things that if you were regularly teaching adults you might not have to. These things can be very simple yet they mean the world to your little ones.

This child-oriented teaching calls for attention to detail and certain personality traits that will click with the youngest crowd in golf. This will automatically and constantly seed some motivation on your students, making them grow into great players and human beings.

What are some of these attributes or actions you need to convey in order to motivate your students day in and day out?

  • Acknowledgment: Every single one of your junior students needs to feel special and understood by you! It is a must for you to get excited about their improvement and achievements so they will feel part of a process and more importantly part of a team or a family. If you can generate this kind of atmosphere in your teaching facility, kids won´t stop coming!
  • Let Them Know They Matter: You have all kinds of kids attending your clinics and private lessons; they all should feel they belong to a family, your facility (as pointed out previously). They need to know that they are all as valuable as anyone else in this sport. All of their different personalities (funny, quiet, hard-worker, hyperactive, and every other character you can think of), make your establishment feel like home to them; this is what really lets them blossom as players and people in the future!
  • Let Them Teach! With the wide variety of players you have under your tutelage, some will be great putters, other will be amazing drivers, other outstanding strategy players, and so on. You can encourage your students to help each other out and grow as a team rather than individually, this is not only much more efficient but it builds a great foundation for teamwork, empathy and social skills that will last a lifetime!

Remember if you wish to motivate every student you face, it is imperative for you to make them feel part of the whole academy or clinic they belong to. Make an effort to build a family-like environment in your workplace! It will pay off economically and more importantly, make you and everyone around you happier!

By: World Junior Golf


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