August 22, 2017

Boost Your Golf Confidence

Boost Your Golf Confidence

Being a golfer athlete at a young age is full of ups and downs and it can mess with your head once in a while, you can win a tournament one week and the other be shooting one of your worst rounds at the local golf course.

Good thing that you know the mental aspect of this game is huge, which allows you to keep looking forward and striving for more growth and improvement.

Everyone has their own way of motivating themselves, however you might consider adding these pointers into your own arsenal, it will definitely make a difference:

  1. Self-awareness: Step back from your busy schedule and reflect on who you are: your strengths and weaknesses. Not only the ones related to golf, but on a personal level as well. Once you have a clear picture keep track of your behavior and emotions and take responsibility for them, this will allow you to tackle your weaknesses and improve them for good!
  2. Behavior vs. Morals: As you know golf is a game of values, if you do not learn to play accordingly, you most certainly have a very tough time out there. A good practice is to write down a value or two on the scorecard you carry for the day and apply them in any given situation during the round, others will appreciate your behavior and you will appreciate the lower scores!
  3. 3. Stay in the present moment: Take five minutes of your day to meditate on your round or on your golf game, close your eyes and picture positive images and outcomes that make you feel proud of yourself. You will not know where all the self-confidence came from after a couple of weeks!
  4. Success journal: After every round or practice session, note on the journal what you did best that day and what you will improve on. It will give you a clearer picture on how to work on your game as well as boost you confidence and self-esteem!

By: World Junior Golf

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