August 22, 2017

Become Arnie on the range. By Iain Highfield, World Junior Golf Advisory Board

Become Arnie on the range. By Iain Highfield, World Junior Golf Advisory Board

Get innovative with your use of the golf range, that would be my advice to any Junior golfer, coach and parent!

Over the years we have seen a number innovations take place in the way people physically condition their bodies. A number of ways have been discovered to maximize training and effectiveness while overcoming the sometimes restrictive space of the gym.

It is my belief, that we must move the driving range experience into the 21st century and create new innovative ways to train more effectively on the range.

An example of this is demonstrated in the following video by Zach Parker of the Bishops Gate Golf Academy.  Zach takes one of his students through a structured ‘Circuit Training’ loop to enhance student learning and enjoyment.

Often the golf range is used for beating balls in a repetitive and non mentally demanding fashion.  This type of practice provides very little task viability or difficulty.

Many golfers enjoy hitting hundreds of golf balls on the range as it gives them a false sense of ability.  However this repetitive non challenging environment results in the brain switching off and learning not being fueled. The by product of this, slow or no improvement in performance.

Golf circuit training creates a higher level of difficulty that the brain desires and through undertaking interleaved tasks encourages the learning process. Both of these factors contribute to a golfers acquisition of skill and long term athletic development.






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