September 21, 2017

5 Benefits of a Multi-Sport Approach

5 Benefits of a Multi-Sport Approach

In a previous article we spoke about how early specialization might not always be a great idea for the overall development and wellbeing of your children. We touched on how Jordan Spieth used to play several other sports before being old enough to choose golf as his favorite one. We now realize that Jordan is a very well rounded athlete and seems to have a level of maturity and composure above his age.

Being a multi-sport athlete or enthusiast as a little kid is one of the best ways to learn and develop physical as well as moral skills, because for them is just having fun in several different ways.

Here are 5 benefits of letting your little ones try any sport they want:

  1. Increased ability and performance: Letting your kids have a background like this one will allow them to develop all of their motor skills and movement patterns in a much more complete and efficient manner. This will result in increased confidence, motivation and experience.
  2. Creativity: Having experience in other sports will allow them to think completely outside the box in tough situations and come up with outstanding decision-making skills.
  3. FUN: For your kids it is very important to have fun and keep a positive outlook on their childhood. This approach will let them experience any game they feel curious about and at the same time, they will learn and adopt new lessons they learn along the way!
  4. Health: As parents, you certainly do not want to smother your children at a young age with pressure to become a first-class athlete. Think about their future and how will they feel when they are 30. They are most likely to live a happy and active life if they have a happy childhood!
  5. There is more than one path to success: If your son or daughter really wants to become the best at what they do, they will let you know, they do not have to follow the same steps of other athletes in early specialization necessarily. If they have the passion and the vision, it is practically guaranteed they will get there regardless the approach!

By: World Junior Golf


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