September 21, 2017

4 Steps to Solve Problems in your Golf Game

4 Steps to Solve Problems in your Golf Game

Golf is a game that requires a wide variety of skills; anything from body flexibility to decision-making dexterity. The truth is that golf is a ‘problem-solving’ sport, and the more skills the player possesses, the more efficient he or she will solve the present situation.

You can consider that every shot you have to perform represents a problem, or a challenge of some sort. For example, imagine you are about to tee off in the famous 18th hole at Augusta National, there are certain requirements your shot must meet in order to have a decent chance in getting the ball near the hole with your next shot. These requisites include a minimum and maximum yardage you should be able to carry the ball, a certain degree of accuracy to avoid trouble at both sides, good aim and alignment, serious considerations for wind and weather conditions and the list goes on and on…

So, it is safe to say that in every shot you encounter some kind of challenge or problem that requires solving. This requires you to be, not only clever to think of a possible solution, but also proficient enough to perform your plan with great accuracy!

So how can you become a competent problem-solver on every shot you face?

To achieve this there are certain characteristics that you must meet.

  1. Remain Objective: This can be described as being neutral with your decisions, meaning that your course of action shouldn’t be biased in any way or levered by assumptions. For example, if you have 200-yards shot you have hit many times before with your 5-iron and the results have been just fine, you should still approach the shot as if was the first time. You must analyze all the factors that weigh in into choosing the right club instead of just pulling out your 5-iron every single time! This will save you quite a few strokes…
  2. List all of the obstacles: In this case, all the possible influences in your shot. Wind, hazards, OB’s, bunkers, rough, humidity, etc. It seems like a lot of things to think about before every shot, however with time it becomes almost second nature!
  3. Be Creative: In golf, there are many ways to get the ball from one place to another! It doesn’t have to be the fanciest shot every time…
  4. Let Go you Ego! Pride and over-confidence can be a synonym of disaster in many cases. If you remain calm and weigh in the pros and the cons with care on every shot, you can avoid the burdens that trying to be superhero every shot has

By: World Junior Golf


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