August 22, 2017

3 Great Ways to Revamp your Practice Routine!

3 Great Ways to Revamp your Practice Routine!

When taking on the challenge of becoming a golfer, practice is absolutely key. Constant practice means repetition and repetition will improve the efficiency of your movements and your performance; Of course, this is if you practice correctly…

Appropriate training is something than can be a bit confusing and challenging during your first year or so in this sport. If you find yourself in this situation then you might want to hang on to the following advice!

  1. What about your coach? Do you have a coach already? If you don’t then seriously consider looking for one, this will give you a guide on what to work and any other advice you might want! If you do have a coach and he is not aiding you on how and what to practice, then you might want to have a serious talk with him…
  2. Gateway Practice: This is a great exercise to set yourself a goal-driven competitive environment. This consists in sticking with an exercise or drill (i.e. having 3 chip-ins in a practice) until you reach a goal, just after you reach it you can move on to the next drill. The key is to set a somewhat challenging exercise for you that won’t take you all day to complete or just five minutes.
  3. Variety is Key: Instead of hitting 10 balls with each club until you are covered in sweat, try to hit a different club and target in every single shot. This will keep you more engaged, work in your creativity and will perfect you pre-shot routine.

If you stick with these guidelines and with the aid of a passionate junior coach, there is no doubt that the numbers of your scorecard will decrease significantly!

By: World Junior Golf


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